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#ViMoveforClimate: Once again, every kilometer and every minute count. Because we plant trees again for each of your sporting activities.  For every kilometer you run or every three kilometers you cycle, we’ll plant a tree in support of reforestation projects in Germany and abroad. But you can also contribute if you play tennis or do yoga, swimming or cardio training. With ViMove, there are virtually no limits to your sports ambitions!

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We’ll be launching a new round on 31.10.2021 – and everyone is free to join in. Register now. Become part of the movement.

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Making a great difference together

Every effort to combat climate change is valuable. But together, we can make an even bigger difference. Form a team with family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors - and together make a strong stand for the environment.

Our contribution to climate protection

Replace your old boiler with a state-of-the-art system – Thanks to a range of innovative products and services from Viessmann, our customers last year helped to save 500,000 metric tons of CO₂. It’s this kind of team effort that proves just how powerful we can be when we all work together. Whether customers, employees, partners, friends or fans – we’re stronger as a team. The ViMove for Climate campaign is yet another way to demonstrate our commitment. With you as a partner, ViMove kicks off once again.

The ViMove app to reward your accomplishments

The more exercise you get, the more trees we plant. Record your activities and share them directly using the ViMove web app. You can see instantly how many trees we have planted to reward you for your endeavors and how much CO₂ you have offset as a result.

30 sports – one goal

You can choose from 30 different sports activities – so there’s something for everyone. You can take part in a whole range of sports activities either individually or as a team – whatever suits you. The following overview tells you, for example, how many kilometers you need to walk or how many minutes you need to pedal away for on an indoor bicycle in order for us to reward your endeavors by planting a tree.

FAQs about ViMove

We start on 31.10.2021 and end the campaign after we successfully reach 1,000,000 trees.

Join at, where you can upload a screenshot showing your sports activity and manually enter what you’ve done. It’s even easier if you use a Garmin Tracker because you can connect it to ViMove to allow it to share data automatically.

Yes, anyone can take part and exercise to help the climate.

Yes. Simply upload proof of your sports endeavors to the ViMove web app. This could be a screenshot from your tracker or from a sports/health app on your smartphone. You can also upload a photo of the screen on your home trainer. Then simply enter your proven performance manually in the ViMove web app.

The official hashtag is #ViMoveForClimate.

You can choose from a whole range of sports activities – almost certainly including one that you already do regularly. Take a look at our overview. You can also find out here exactly what you have to do in order for a tree to be planted. For example, we’ll plant one tree for every one kilometer you run or three kilometers you cycle.

When you log in to the ViMove web app, you’ll see a summary of your activities showing you how many trees have been planted to reward you for your endeavors and how much CO₂ you have offset as a result. If you use the app without logging in, you’ll see your results listed after each one of your sports sessions.

You can take part as often as you like – including several times a day – until the end of the campaign.

This campaign will support projects in Haiti, Peru and the Sauerland region in Germany. 

Viessmann picked CHOOOSE because this Norwegian start-up seeks out projects that not only support the planting of trees but also involve local people, which increases the likelihood of these projects having a positive impact on people and the climate long after they have come to an end.

The following data is processed and stored in the ViMove web app:

  • Participant data: salutation, first name, last name, e-mail address
  • Performance data: date, kilometers and minutes
  • Proof of performance: screenshot, photo (for manual upload)
  • Data from the Garmin app: time stamp, activity type, sessions completed, amount of time

We’ll receive your performance data automatically when you connect the Garmin app. Please read Garmin’s data privacy information. Your data will be deleted as soon as the campaign has ended and all the associated data has been analyzed, and after three months at the latest. See also our data privacy statement (link). We cannot see your exercise profiles, locations or similar. You can ask us to delete your data at any time. To do so, send an e-mail to If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our data protection officer at any time. To do so, send an e-mail with the subject “ViMove” to

The trees will be planted by the chosen organizations during the course of 2021 at whatever time is best for the seedlings. This varies from country to country, depending strongly on the local seasons and weather conditions. No trees will be planted, for example, when there is a high chance of ground frost or extreme heat because frost and heat can damage the still-fragile seedlings. However, the organizations will aim to plant all the trees during the course of 2021-2022.

In CHOOOSE, Viessmann has a highly reliable and professional partner when it comes to carbon offsetting and reforestation and one that provides us with ongoing feedback about the progress of our projects. The projects supported by Viessmann fulfill the most stringent internationally recognized standards. Once planting is complete, Viessmann receives a certificate stating how many trees were planted and how much carbon has been offset as a result.

We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you have any ideas or suggestions about how you’d like to support ViMove in ways other than through sports, e-mail us at

When you first log in, a popup will appear telling you exactly what to do. If you don’t see it or you click it away, simply choose “Lesezeichen und Home Screen” [bookmarks and home screen] from the menu (top right) to read the instructions.

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