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Publisher: Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

Viessmannstraße 1

35108 Allendorf (Eder)


Telefon: +49 6452 70-0

Telefax: +49 6452 70-2780


Chairman of the Board of Directors: Maximilian Viessmann 

Executive Board: Thomas Heim, Vanessa Hellwing, Dr. Karsten Hoppe, Dr. Markus Klausner, Frauke von Polier

Registry Court: AG Marburg (Lahn) – HRB 7562 – VAT-ID: DE 294 946 574


The Viessmann websites were created with all possible care. Nevertheless, Viessmann cannot guarantee that the given information is free from error or inaccuracy. Viessmann excludes all liability for losses which may be directly or indirectly the result of using this website, insofar as such losses are not the direct result of deliberate or negligent actions by Viessmann.

Viessmann retains the right to change the contents of its website without reservation, at any time and without prior notification.

Viessmann is not liable for the data protection strategy or for the contents of websites linked to the Viessmann website.

Information on dispute resolution before consumer arbitration bodies

Viessmann does not participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration body and is not obliged to do so.

Use of image material

The copyright for the majority of the photographic material used is held by Viessmann Climate Solutions SE. Any further use of the pictorial material must be authorised by Viessmann Climate Solutions SE must be agreed in writing. For the Viessmann Real Estate division, special thanks go to RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH, blocher partners and Joachim Grothus.

Selected pictorial material was purchased in addition. Special thanks go to Rawpixel, Unsplash,, pixabay, Shutterstock and istock for providing images and graphics.