Viessmann Roadshow: See you again soon!

March 17, 2021

Allendorf (Eder) – The Viessmann Roadshow on tour. Get hands-on with our products – meet our experts in person. Talk to us about Vitocal, Vitodens, ViAir – and lots more! You can also ask us about our V+ partner program and ViMove climate initiative.

Get hands-on with our products – meet the Viessmann experts in person

In 2021, we’ll be launching our Co-creators Tour and bringing our products to you. The Viessmann Roadshow will be visiting 32 locations across Germany, including Munich, Rostock, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Kassel and lots more. Over the course of five days, you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on with our products and chat to the Viessmann experts in person.

See you soon in these towns and cities at the Viessmann Roadshow!

Co-create climate for life

The Roadshow motto is “Co-create climate for life.” Our products – like the Vitocal heat pumps or Vitocharge power store – stand for sustainability. They enable you to utilize environmental energies, optimize your power consumption and cut energy costs. 

Why not see for yourself? Get hands-on with the products and experience them in practical demonstrations. We’ll present a range of application scenarios for you to talk about. We’ll demonstrate, for example, how the Vitodens product family delivers outstanding heating comfort with optimized efficiency and reduced emissions as well as how easy these products are to operate. 

With ViAir, we’ll showcase a range of innovative new solutions for the highly in-demand area of ventilation and air quality.

ViMove for Climate – a project for future generations

But with “Co-create climate for life,” we want to offer more than simply an exciting and interactive insight into our product world. We want to build a better future together – including during the Roadshow. Thanks to “ViMove for Climate,” we are doing our bit to support reforestation programs. You can help us by taking part in a range of sports activities, and we’ll reward you by planting trees. 

You can get started right away by taking part in our challenge. 

You can also learn more from our Viessmann experts, who’ll tell you about the more than 20 different sports activities that you can take part in to support the future of our climate.

Into the future together with V+

With the V+ partner program, we are actively tackling the challenges facing the heating industry together. Talk to us at the Viessmann Roadshow about how you can collect points for you and your team, which you can then invest in team events or subsidies. You can get points by, say, purchasing Viessmann products or taking part in our training courses.

When does the 2021 Co-Creators Tour begin?

We’ll let you know when the Co-Creators Tour starts. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll give you the chance to register beforehand and put in place a COVID safety strategy that’s right for the situation.

See you again soon in 2021.

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