An overview of the highlights of the week of events

Join us in treading new ground to give you up-close access to our products. We will be broadcasting live from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day during the week from March 22 to 27, 2021. We are going to be presenting an extraordinary, interactive virtual live event all based on the theme “Co-create climate for life.” You can look forward to Product Shows, What's New Tours and multimedia Workshops. There will also be a high-caliber roster of guests from the worlds of culture, sports, business and politics appearing on stage.

Join us live via stream and chat

Two live-streamed stages and numerous sessions in virtual spaces will be available for you to access every day. You can use the chat function and a query system to get in direct contact with our hosts, experts and guests and contribute your topics for discussion to the stream.


Our star guests:

An overview of all content

There will be various content on the agenda every day, and you can either sit back and watch or get involved.

Viessmann on Stage

What does the future hold for the industry? What challenges lie ahead? Every day, decision-makers and designers from politics, research and entrepreneurship, as well as representatives of the Viessmann Group, meet in exciting discussions and answer the audience's questions.

Viessmann on Stage daily with Max Viessmann.

Product Shows

Our Product Shows will give you exclusive insight into the latest Viessmann products, and you will get the chance to ask detailed questions about the products. There will also be some star guests to look forward to.


ViTalks are a source of inspiration, practical matters and captivating speakers. You can look forward to some fascinating talks on Viessmann products and innovative technology. You can also expect to see servicing-related content such as usage tips from web and social media in trade workshops. Not only that, but you can also take inspiration from talks by our sports stars on subjects such as motivation and team management.

What's New Tour

The information center in Allendorf is the place where visitors get to know new products and innovations. That will remain the case during the week of events. Nine times a day, you will have the chance to accompany a team of experts from Viessmann and a camera crew on a tour to see and find out about Viessmann products.
You could take the opportunity to use the chat function to ask the team if you want a closer look at a particular detail. Just jump in. A tour lasts about 30 minutes.

Deep Dives and Workshops

While the live streams are being broadcast, there will also be various Workshops and Deep Dives taking place in virtual classrooms. In our Workshops, you can work with us on devising solutions to topical problems. The Deep Dives are short, to-the-point talks that provide insight into the operation, function and special features of different products. Our specialists will help you to find out about the Vitoguide app, for example, and learn first-hand how to control and monitor customer installations using the app. The open format allows you to join individually or with your whole team and ask questions using the chat function.

Expert Hours

Over video chat, you can ask and discuss questions specific to your situation. Our experts will be available for you to talk to several times every day. Just take a look at the program to see when the topics relevant to you will be discussed as part of the Expert Hours.
To make sure you don't miss anything, select the topics that interest you and transfer them directly to your calendar.

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