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With a series of interactive online events, Viessmann is continuing its communication drive with industry experts. The 2021 Planner Convention will employ use cases to shed light on the role that planners will play in the future in a dynamic industry. The energy control center of the future is becoming increasingly modular – and this will relieve planners of time-consuming routine tasks. At the same time, clients are increasingly demanding comprehensive consultations. How can planners adjust to this new role? How can Viessmann provide comprehensive services and support as a provider of complete systems?

The kick-off event on March 26, 2021, will provide an overview of the multifaceted nature of this topic. The forum will be followed by a number of Deep Dive events in May, at which separate products and services will be presented in detail and discussed with attendees. In other words, in March, you can get to know some examples of products and services and meet our experts. Then, starting in May, you will have the chance to explore our projects and innovative products in more detail. All events will offer the opportunity to talk to our speakers and other participants. We can't wait to have you on board.

Version 44 of the BImSchV pollution control regulations supersede the previously applicable TA Luft standards, with tighter limits on emissions and shorter measurement intervals. New obligations, new forms of verification, new limits, documents and reports. What has changed? What are the targets? What are the differences between new and existing systems? How can planners and operators get the most out of the new regulations?

In this Deep Dive, we will tell you about the key facts and examine the potential offered by the requirements. What opportunities are available to companies making the journey to a zero-emissions future?

Get to know our ice store systems in our Deep Dive and talk to us and your colleagues to discuss the opportunities that this innovative approach offers for clever planning. Ice store systems with heat pumps make for pioneering solutions to various problems. Sustainable heating and cooling with one system enable comprehensive management of heating, cooling, electricity and storage all year round.

This gives planners and operators a whole range of new options throughout the process – from the early stages of planning to largely autonomous and thoroughly reliable operation. Ice store systems cut operating costs considerably, which is a big help in optimizing overall efficiency.

Heat, electricity and transportation are becoming increasingly combined in commercial applications too. Coordinated, multi-sector products and services for the future of energy control centers are playing a big part in helping to make the energy revolution a success. How can heat and electricity generation, electricity consumption and electricity storage be integrated in one system in a way that allows all products to work together as effectively as possible? How can the complete system not only provide the various useful energies reliably but also optimize demand for energy and, in turn, operating costs?

Our Deep Dive will demonstrate Viessmann's wide-ranging expertise in all aspects of the future of energy control centers, including their use across multiple sectors. We will also present key additions to our product range such as the new CHP range or the new heat pump for heating and cooling operations.

In heating control centers for buildings and districts, comprehensive systems enable substantial savings on energy consumption and emissions. Planners and operators can also be certain that the system is running stably and reliably. Now that PEWO has joined the family, Viessmann can offer complete systems for heating, cooling and electricity, from generating heat to distributing it and transferring it to homes.

Hydraulics and controllers with interfaces linking to building management systems merge together to create one complete system, while plug-and-play modules ensure problem-free interfaces among different components. Thanks to their specialist knowledge and wealth of experience gained from implementing and monitoring numerous systems, Viessmann/Pewo can help planners and operators to manage complex requirements.

The Quantenberg residential development in Mettmann features 264 apartments, 176 single-family homes, a kindergarten and a supermarket. A modular energy control center with a cascade boiler system and combined heat and power plant supplies this family-friendly residential development over a district heating grid covering a total length of 3.6 kilometers. At the heart of the energy control center is the Vitocontrol smart system controller. This controls the heat and electricity generators based on demand and handles the efficient distribution of heat to the appliances.

Our Deep Dive will use this specific example to explain how a modular energy control center can be controlled in a smart way using Vitocontrol. The operator of the district heating grid will also get the chance to contribute to the discussion. In addition, we will be presenting other potential uses of the Vitocontrol product range for new and existing applications.

Operational reliability and system availability are the top priorities for commercial applications. Permanent monitoring is required to prevent – or at least minimize – failures. Especially in the case of more complex systems, personnel may find themselves limited in what they can do on site. With a comprehensive servicing strategy running from planning to operation, Viessmann can help to optimize on-site processes and use remote monitoring to deploy specialist expertise.

With Vitoscada, the experts in Allendorf can look at the system in detail and, if necessary, take the necessary action immediately. At the same time, the operator can stay informed about the status of the system any time, anywhere. The planner also gets the certainty that comes from knowing that the system is operating according to plan.

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