The Viessmann live week of events with our partners!

We’ve come up with some answers to the question of how our partners can discover and get to know our products and services digitally. This article tells you all about the possibilities and opportunities.

Discover our products live

“Co-create climate for life” is the motto of our digital live week of events from March 22 to 27, 2021. It means that we need to think and create together. And it also means getting down to work together. Because we know how important it is to not only see a product in a picture, but also get to experience it and try it out – even when we can’t actually be there in person.

Be where the action is: the interactive What's New Tours

The information center at Viessmann’s headquarters in Allendorf is an impressive place. In a space covering 100 square meters, you can see all the products that allow Viessmann to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the problems of our age. But because the coronavirus pandemic prevents anyone from visiting the showroom themselves, we’re going to bring the showroom to you.
Every hour for five days, our guides will give you a live tour of the latest innovations from the world of Viessmann. You’ll see products like the Vitocal heat pumps and Vitodens product range. A camera team will be following the Viessmann experts, allowing you to see the products up close. As a viewer, you can join the live stream, ask questions and request information. You can draw the specialists' attention to the things that interest you personally, and they will answer you live.

Our showroom guides will be available all day from Monday to Friday. Why not drop by and join them?


Concentrated knowledge in 20 minutes: the Deep Dives

If you're looking for more in-depth knowledge, head straight for one of our daily Deep Dive presentations. There, a Viessmann specialist provides a quick, to-the-point, seminar-like introduction to the operation, function and special features of different products. Find out about the Vitoguide app, for example, and learn first-hand how to control and monitor customer installations using the app.

Vitovalor – the fourth-generation fuel cell heater – will also be the subject of one of our Deep Dives. You can find more topic areas on our program from March 22.

The open-session format allows you to join individually or with your whole team and ask questions using the chat function. So that you don’t miss the Deep Dives you really want to see, find the the topics that interest you on the program and save them to your calendar. And if you have any questions, you can get in touch with your designated contact person any time using the chat function. Our technical experts on specific products will also be available at fixed times on the video stand.

Big impact: Product Shows

Some things simply deserve a big stage, which is why we’ll be devoting one hour every day to one specific product line. You can discover insider knowledge on new and upcoming Viessmann products and services.
We’ll be presenting – among other things – Vitodens (link), the comprehensive product range for every household. We’ll also be focusing on the Viessmann heat pumps.
You can also get up close with some exciting celebrity guests from Viessmann world of sports. So if you want to talk to luge legend Georg Hackl about how he went about installing his current heating system, don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Immerse yourself: the Viessmann web experience

For all those keen to devote themselves fully and exclusively to Viessmann’s products, we have created some truly special moments for you on our new platform. Our product experience pages provide you with a fun and interactive way to discover the most important details about Vitodens, Vitocal, the new Viessmann electronics platform and a range of other Viessmann products and services.

In action: Viessmann solution scenarios

In our Viessmann solution scenarios, you can see how how heat pumps can be used in new builds and how they can replace older heating systems in modernization projects.

Your job: our mission

In a survey that we conducted during 2020, a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, we asked heating engineers what they would consider to be most important at a digital Viessmann event. The response was clear: We want to learn about the products as if they were there right before our eyes, they said. So we made that our mission. From March 22, you – our partners – will have the opportunity to see what we have achieved. See you then!

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