Value added services: Together we create added value

Customers are demanding and understandably want a partner who thinks along with them. Initiatives such as FörderProfi, Viessmann Wärme or Viessmann Adminprofi do just that. They are already successful on the market and offer distinct added value to our core products.

Viessmann Heizungsrechner: the 24/7 digital employee

With the heating calculator, quotations can be generated automatically around the clock - online or on site. Prospective customers who contact us via our own Viessmann websites are also forwarded to you as a partner.

The Viessmann partner only places the targeted Google ad campaign and our Heating Calculator saves him a lot of time, as it automatically creates individual offers for all interested parties with the stored data.

Viessmann Wärme: Heating system rental – good mood guaranteed

Heating in the all-inclusive support package: Up to 15 years of all-inclusive service and a complete guarantee at 0 Euro initial costs. Customers only have to pay their monthly rent, Viessmann Wärme takes care of everything else. It could hardly be simpler!

No matter whether it's your own investment, a subsidized heating system or a rented heating system: We offer the right solution for every need.

Our value added services and solutions at a glance

We strive to constantly develop and improve the cooperation with our partners and customers. We are continuously expanding our range of solutions with our value added services.

Automated quotation generation 

The Heating Calculator is the ideal service tool when it comes to fast, simple generation of quotations. For this, the software is integrated into the trade partner's website. After entry of the individual information and prices, the potential customer receives a non-binding quotation during the consultation. This significantly reduces the time required by the trade partner.

Benefits at a glance

  • Time savings of up to 3 hours through real-time quotation generation
  • Fast quotation generation with the on-site assistant, even without an internet connection
  • Viessmann Wärme calculation as a comparative offer for the purchase of your own heating system
  • Integration of the Viessmann FörderProfi service
  • Digital customer acquisition 24/7/365 
  • Simple, fast contact data generation 
  • Increases the attractiveness of the trade partner website 
  • Avoids initial on-site visits

Rent a heating system cheaply instead of buying 

With Viessmann Wärme, you can very simply rent your new heating system instead of buying it. This provides you with a modern, energy efficient heating system at no significant expense and allows you to heat without worrying for 10 to 15 years. All services such as maintenance and repairs are included. If required, the all-inclusive support package also includes the supply of gas.

Benefits at a glance

  • New heating system at a fixed monthly base price, complete without down payment, including heat supply on request
  • Three heat packages to choose from
  • €0 acquisition costs
  • Allocation of government subsidies towards the monthly installments
  • New federal subsidy for efficient buildings already included up to 15 years of all-inclusive service including maintenance, repairs and full warranty
  • Save up to 30 percent on energy costs and protect the climate

More information here:

Increase sales and save time with highly qualified inquiries

Digital service facilitates and considerably accelerates the entire sales process. From the acquisition of new prospects to offers and orders to the conclusion of contracts, Viessmann Leads qualifies all inquiries in advance and only sends inquiries that are individually tailored to specialized company. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Online supported acquisition with individualized inquiries  
  • Receive highly qualified inquiries with verified intent to purchase  
  • Clear and structured service with all the relevant information and documents for each request  
  • Settings can be adjusted at any time and personal wishes submitted  
  • Great savings of time and costs due to reduced acquisition effort and efficient processes

Bureaucracy was yesterday – with the Viessmann Adminprofi you can easily commission a power generation plant

The installation and commissioning of heat- and electricity-based generation plants (e.g. photovoltaic systems) is subject to mandatory registration in Germany with the responsible distribution network operator. Electricians installing the system must also complete many official forms to register it. The Viessmann Admin Pro supports electricians and keeps frustration and effort to a minimum. 

Benefits at a glance

  • More time for your customers due to the elimination of time-consuming applications and communication with distribution system operators  
  • Concentration on installation and commissioning by partner and electricians
  • Simple use thanks to online information input and the automatic addition of relevant product information  
  • Personal training and support from the Adminprofi expert team. 

More information here:

Easily renting individual power generation systems

With Viessmann energy, end consumers rent photovoltaic systems at favorable monthly costs – in an all-round carefree package including all maintenance and repairs. The size of the plant is always individual, but the components are always the same. With future-proof Viessmann  components, these plants are always state-of-the-art. 

Benefits at a glance

  • You can tap into customer groups for whom the purchase of a photovoltaic system is too expensive  
  • Due to long-term contracts, your income for maintenance is secured over time  
  • With Viessmann as the invoice recipient, there are no defaults or delays in payment
  • Viessmann Strom offers options of additional sales such as energy storage systems or heat pumps  

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