Multi mode energy center: Our integrated range of top quality solutions

Complex energy centers require customized solutions for commercial applications and local authorities.

Our integrated range of solutions showcase innovative and efficient technology at its best. From consultations and engineering to maintenance and billing models – we are a reliable partner when it comes to finding the right solution for you.

A finished energy center in four stages

Viessmann's all-inclusive support package is organized into four stages, each of which offers extra added value – especially in terms of services.

The next generation of energy centers: Vitobloc, Vitomax and Vitocrossal

From classic combustion technology and combined heat & power generation to solar energy – today Viessmann draws on all energy sources and technologies for a convenient and energy efficient supply.

Economical system solutions with added value

Futureproof equipment adds value to any system and ensures long term operation. Matched accessory packs or complete system solutions ensure highly economical systems with long lasting efficiency.

Tech Talk: Quality leadership

Expert Olaf Stoppok presents a compact version of the high grade gas condensing boiler: the Vitocrossal 200, type CIB.

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Integrating renewables on a massive scale

Ice energy store systems are an attractive heat source for brine/water heat pumps. In this intelligent system, heat source management ensures efficient interaction between the ice store, solar air absorber and heat pump.

Collectors up to 10.3 square meters in size are ideal for applications in local heating networks such as bioenergy villages, and also for generating industrial process heat. The casing, vacuum tubes and mounting frames are delivered pre-assembled.

Integration into the building management system: Vitocontrol and ViScada

Vitocontrol 100-M is the central control unit for mono mode and multi mode energy systems in municipal and commercial environments as well as in apartment buildings. ViScada is the ideal web tool for visualization and easy analysis.

Distribute heat efficiently: from simple to complex with PEWO

The expectations of a very broad range of ambient temperatures are becoming more and more specific. This is why we work with the PEWO modular system. We use it to configure the right equipment and systems for every heating and cooling task.

Comprehensive solutions for complete systems

Success stories

When investing in an energy system, precise and detailed planning is necessary. Thanks to the many years of experience that the Viessmann engineers and sales service have accumulated, customers are assured of a successful outcome.

Ecolab head office

Beneath the inconspicuous manhole cover in the Ecolab company parking lot is an innovative energy storage system: the ice store. With a capacity of 1.8 million liters, it ensures pleasant room temperatures all year round at the company's German head office.

Products for the multi mode energy center

An energy system must be efficient and economical. With an integrated range of solutions, Viessmann always delivers the right configuration of a wide variety of systems for long lasting and futureproof operation.

Sophisticated condensing technology with flexible application options 

This gas condensing boiler is a particularly economical heat generator for both residential buildings and commercial enterprises. The combination of the corrosion-resistant Inox-Crossal heat exchanger and modulating MatriX cylinder burner ensures high energy efficiency and a high level of heating and DHW convenience for the long term. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Standard efficiency: up to 98% (Hs) 
  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled unit for quick, straightforward installation
  • Lambda Pro Control combustion controller for consistently efficient combustion quality with low emissions (NOx class 6) 
  • Automatic adaptation of burner operation to the type of gas used (E, LL), future-proof through hydrogen admixture of up to 20% 
  • Large water content for long burner runtimes and economical energy consumption
  • Integrated Vitotronic control unit for user-friendly operation directly on the appliance or via Vitocom (accessory) from any location using the ViCare app
  • Small dimensions and integrated castors for easy handling
Output range
80 – 318 kW, as a twin boiler up to 636 kW
Modulation range
down to 1:5

Compact, quiet and supplied ready for connection

The new compact combined heat and power units consist of connection-ready modules with a water-cooled synchronous generator to provide three-phase power and heating water. The units are ideally sized for small commercial enterprises, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, commercial nurseries and swimming pools.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully wired and factory-tested compact units
  • Meet the stringent technical connection requirements specified by power supply utilities
  • Tested to VDE AR-N 4105, with integral GS protection
  • Quiet 4-cylinder engines
  • Integral condensing technology for high efficiency
  • + Low operating noise at below 49 dB(A)
  • + Long maintenance intervals of 8000 hours run result in low maintenance costs
  • Integral LAN interface for remote monitoring
  • Attractive state subsidies
Output range – NG 15
15 kWel/38.3 kWth
Overall efficiency – NG 15
Output range – NG 20
20 kWel/46.5 kWth
Overall efficiency – NG 20
Natural gas, bio natural gas, LPG, with up to 20% hydrogen content

Hybrid or up to 100 percent electrical operation – for flexible application in a wide range of sectors 

The industrial/commercial boiler is suitable for fully electric operation or as a combination of pressure-jet burner and electric heating cartridges (hybrid version). This makes it especially suited to flexible application in the production industry, such as the food, fertilizer, construction materials, paper, drinks and chemical/pharmaceutical industries, as well as refineries and hospitals.

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular industrial/commercial boiler range with comprehensive accessories, providing a complete system solution from a single source – for efficient, safe and reliable operation
  • Futureproof thanks to operation with up to 100% hydrogen
  • High efficiency of almost 100% for electric boilers (fired boiler efficiency above 95.5%)
  • Low NOx technology for exceptionally clean combustion
  • Very simple to service thanks to multiple inspection and access ports
Output range
Power ratings
Hydrogen up to 100%: Comparable NOx values to fuel oil/natural gas operation. Electric up to 100 percent: Almost 0 mg/m3 NOx emissions in purely electric boilers. Fuel oil (EL): NOx emissions < 150 mg/m3 possible in flue gas. Natural gas: NOx emissions < 30 mg/m3 possible in flue gas. Other options include biogas, bio-oil, animal fats

Intelligent system control for energy efficient system operation

The universal control unit for multi mode systems and energy centers is used especially in municipal or commercial environments, as well as in the apartment building sector. Intelligent control strategies conserve resources and ensure energy efficient operation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Simple implementation of mono- or multi-mode systems, based on system examples
  • Compact wall mounted enclosure (600 x 400 x 210 mm) for space saving installation
  • Connection of up to 5 M BUS meters (accessories)
  • Simple integration into the building management system
  • Compatible with common BMS interfaces such as BACnet & Modbus (accessories required)
  • Assistance function for fast, straightforward commissioning in standardized applications
  • Convenient system optimization and operation via seven inch color touchscreen
  • Fast display of operating and system data, also via remote access
  • Clear schematic representation of the system
  • Evaluation of system behavior via predefined trend charts
  • Status messages by email

Cloud-based online monitoring for multi mode energy systems

This innovative web solution provides operators and trade partners with a transparent visualization of multiple multi mode energy systems, right down to individual system components. The basis for efficient use of different energy sources is the intelligent management of energy flows between generators and consumers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Map view and markers of different systems
  • Clear hydraulic scheme 
  • Detailed user-dependent view
  • Display of live values
  • User defined trend display
  • Different display formats such as curves or heatmap charts
  • Lists of status messages and forwarding via SMS or email
  • Acknowledgment of status messages with escalation hierarchy
  • Reporting supports ISO 50001 certification
  • Digital operating log
  • Key date selection
  • Long term archiving
  • Access and rights management

Innovative energy source for heating and cooling with a brine/water heat pump

The primary source store enables simplified exploitation of several heat sources with comparatively low investment outlay – outdoor air, solar radiation and the ground are used simultaneously as heat sources. This energy system is therefore an efficient, attractively priced alternative to geothermal probes and geothermal collectors.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • Planning & implementation, operation, energy management & service from a single source
  • High efficiency due to synergetic combination of three energy sources
  • High economic efficiency through use of crystallization energy
  • CO₂ free energy generation
  • Ecologically safe storage medium – water
  • No risk to groundwater due to hermetic sealing of the ice store
  • No permit requirement for the concrete tank
  • Attractive state subsidies
Tank capacity
Individual design depending on the required output
Residential and office buildings, schools and kindergartens, hotels and restaurants, care homes, supermarkets, production halls, cold stores and other buildings with a high heating and/or cooling demand

Vacuum tube collector for large area systems 

The large area collector has an optimal design for use in local heating networks such as bioenergy villages or for generating industrial process heat. Vitosol 200-T, type SPX is suitable for freestanding or flat roof installation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Design and project management by Viessmann
  • Factory pre-assembled modules for quick, straightforward installation
  • Flexible installation options and comprehensive accessories
  • Dry connection, meaning the vacuum tubes can be inserted or changed while the system is full
  • Large surfaces for efficient heat transfer
  • Highly effective thermal insulation of the header casing for minimum heat losses
  • Contamination-resistant, durable heat pipe technology for high operational reliability
  • Robust construction for low maintenance costs
Absorber area
5.05 m² / 10.3 m²
Mounting angle
3 – 60°
Network temperature
up to 120°C
Operating medium
Water or glycol

Heat and cooling distributor – space saving and ready to connect 

The compact house and apartment transfer stations with individual temperature control are used for local or district heating supply in urban areas. Comprehensive, ready to connect system solutions for generating heating and cooling, for distribution in new build or renovated buildings.

Benefits at a glance

  • Modules can be split for easier handling
  • Modular construction with combination of 2-, 3- and 4-way distributors
  • Ready to connect, pre-assembled manifold groups and hydraulic components for quick, straightforward installation
  • Thermally insulated and cold insulated
  • Hygienic DHW heating and high DHW convenience
  • Patented thermo-fluid system controller for individual DHW control
  • Especially suitable for the rapid replacement of old gas boilers
  • Existing pipework can be retained
  • Different services for use in detached houses through commercial properties

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