Hydrogen – the key to CO₂ neutral heat and power

It is a defined goal of the EU to reduce CO₂ emissions to zero by 2050. This can only be accomplished without fossil fuels. One of the pivotal tools for achieving this ambitious plan is the greenhouse gas neutral energy source hydrogen.

Viessmann is playing a key role in the energy transition

Both in an advisory role for political decision-makers as well as in a formative capacity. With a comprehensive range of heating and air conditioning products and services, the Viessmann Group supplies cutting edge technology and sets benchmarks for efficient energy use.

Hydrogen as the key to a successful energy transition

Hydrogen is indispensable as an energy source of the future, as it produces virtually no emissions during combustion. It is also available in large quantities and can be produced sustainably.

100 percent hydrogen operation planned from 2025

Lab tests have shown that a fuel blend with up to 20 percent hydrogen is possible. Gas boilers and fuel cells that run on 100 percent hydrogen are already in the development and test phase.


Hydrogen – the greenhouse gas neutral energy source for the future

The green hydrogen cycle: Using renewable electricity, the electrolyser produces hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) from water (H2O). H2-ready boilers burn hydrogen in a highly efficient process. This generates heat for heating, as well as the byproduct water – making the cycle complete.

Tech Talk: H₂-ready

Alexander Dauensteiner talks about hydrogen technologies and the technical challenges of CO₂ neutral hydrogen production.

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Tomorrow's technology – certified today

The introduction of hydrogen will be gradual. Yet with its advanced gas condensing boilers and fuel cells, Viessmann is already offering user friendly solutions for efficiently and safely converting the fuel mix into heat and power.

H2-ready with Viessmann gas condensing boilers

According to a current poll, almost half of all Germans can imagine heating their home with hydrogen. No wonder, as the combustion of hydrogen is CO2 neutral and therefore kind to our planet. Viessmann's H2-ready gas condensing boilers can already efficiently convert natural gas with up to 20 percent hydrogen content into heat, making them fit for the future.

Making the switch to sustainability

To pave the way for a CO₂ neutral future, Viessmann is developing 100 percent hydrogen compatible boilers that can easily be converted from natural gas operation. Highly efficient, they also produce zero CO₂/CO emissions in H₂ operation.

SmartQuart Kaisersesch aiming for 100 percent hydrogen

In the German town of Kaisersesch in Rhineland-Palatinate, an entire infrastructure based around pure hydrogen is set to be completed by 2023.

1 Production: wind power plant, photovoltaic power plants, electrolyser | 2 Storage: hydrogen-based microgrids | 3 Consumption: LOHC hydrogen storage facility for excess energy, H2 consumers incl. industrial premises, heating provision, hydrogen mobility, H2 CHP unit | 4 Control: intelligent district control | 5 Source: "Reallabor SmartQuart"

Industrial boiler project in Jordan operated with 100 percent hydrogen

Hydrogen fueled steam boiler at a plant belonging to Jordanian National Chlorine Industries (NCI), producer of chlorine for the chemical industry and for water purification projects.

Heating with hydrogen – innovative condensing technology

The heating sector is predestined for the use of hydrogen. Even today, 20 percent hydrogen could be added to the natural gas supply, thereby significantly reducing CO₂ emissions. Viessmann is developing a complete portfolio for harnessing hydrogen.

Climate friendly with H₂-ready technology

The futureproof wall mounted gas condensing boiler is suitable for natural gas with up to 20 percent hydrogen content, thereby making an important contribution towards climate protection.

Benefits at a glance

  • Quick and easy commissioning with the new Viessmann control platform
  • New seven inch grayscale touchscreen for optimum operating convenience directly at the appliance or from anywhere via the ViCare app
  • Durable and efficient thanks to Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Newly developed heat cell with Matrix-Plus burner and Lambda Pro Plus automatic combustion controller for high operational reliability
  • Fewer spare parts thanks to new modular strategy for simplified servicing
  • Compatible with digital platforms (Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google)
  • 5 year guarantee on connected system


Output range
2.5 – 32 kW
Modulation range
up to 1:13
Energy efficiency category

Attractively priced gas condensing boilers – environmentally responsible thanks to H₂-ready

Advanced components make gas condensing boilers extremely space saving, so that they can be installed even in small recesses. Side clearances are not required, since all connections can be accessed conveniently from the front. This makes the wall mounted boilers ideal for modernization projects in apartment blocks or detached houses.

Benefits at a glance

  • Very attractive price/performance ratio
  • Durable and efficient thanks to stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger
  • MatriX-Plus burner with Lambda Pro combustion controller for permanently high 
  • efficiency and clean combustion
  • Simple, intuitive operation via LCD screen with 7-section display and touch buttons
  • Web-enabled through integral WiFi interface for user friendly operation via the ViCare app
  • ViCare thermostat for greater convenience, higher efficiency and safety*
  • Certified for 20% hydrogen content in natural gas

* Optional at a fee, not available in all countries

Output range
3.2 – 32 kW
Tank capacity
46 liters (Vitodens 111-W)
Energy efficiency category

Futureproof with H₂-ready technology

This new generation of the tried and tested fuel cell system is the first that can be operated with up 20 percent hydrogen. This makes Viessmann an innovation leader in the use of hydrogen in conjunction with fuel cell technology.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ideal system for new-build detached and two-family houses and for well-insulated existing buildings
  • Up to 40% reduction in energy costs and up to 50% reduction in CO₂-emissions compared to separate power and heat generation
  • On-site power generation for greater independence from the public grid
  • Low operating costs thanks to long service intervals
  • Convenient control via ViCare app
  • Attractive state subsidies
Output range – Vitovalor PT2
705 Wel/1 Wth, 11 - 32 kWth, 220 l
Output range – Vitovalor PA2
705 Wel/1 kWth
Stack service life
85000 h
Uninterrupted runtime
120 h
Service interval
6 years
Energy efficiency category

Compact, quiet and supplied ready for connection

The new compact combined heat and power units consist of connection-ready modules with a water-cooled synchronous generator to provide three-phase power and heating water. The units are ideally sized for small commercial enterprises, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, commercial nurseries and swimming pools.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully wired and factory-tested compact units
  • Meet the stringent technical connection requirements specified by power supply utilities
  • Tested to VDE AR-N 4105, with integral GS protection
  • Quiet 4-cylinder engines
  • Integral condensing technology for high efficiency
  • Low operating noise at below 49 dB(A)
  • Long maintenance intervals of 8000 hours run result in low maintenance costs
  • Integral LAN interface for remote monitoring
  • Attractive state subsidies
Output range – NG 15
15 kWel/38.3 kWth
Overall efficiency – NG 15
Output range – NG 20
20 kWel/46.5 kWth
Overall efficiency – NG 20
Natural gas, bio natural gas, LPG, with up to 20% hydrogen content

Hybrid or up to 100 percent electrical operation – for flexible application in a wide range of sectors 

The industrial/commercial boiler is suitable for fully electric operation or as a combination of pressure-jet burner and electric heating cartridges (hybrid version). This makes it especially suited to flexible application in the production industry, such as the food, fertilizer, construction materials, paper, drinks and chemical/pharmaceutical industries, as well as refineries and hospitals.

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular industrial/commercial boiler range with comprehensive accessories, providing a complete system solution from a single source – for efficient, safe and reliable operation
  • Futureproof thanks to operation with up to 100% hydrogen
  • High efficiency of almost 100% for electric boilers (fired boiler efficiency above 95.5%)
  • Low NOx technology for exceptionally clean combustion
  • Very simple to service thanks to multiple inspection and access ports
Output range
Power ratings
Hydrogen up to 100%: Comparable NOx values to fuel oil/natural gas operation. Electric up to 100%: Almost 0 mg/m3 NOx emissions in purely electric boilers. Fuel oil (HEL): NOx emissions < 150 mg/m3 possible in flue gas. Natural gas: NOx emissions < 30 mg/m3 possible in flue gas. Other options include biogas, bio-oil, animal fats.

Sophisticated condensing technology with flexible application options 

This gas condensing boiler is a particularly economical heat generator for both residential buildings and commercial enterprises. The combination of the corrosion-resistant Inox-Crossal heat exchanger and modulating MatriX cylinder burner ensures high energy efficiency and a high level of heating and DHW convenience for the long term. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Standard utilization rate: up to 98% (Hs)
  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled unit for quick, straightforward installation
  • Lambda Pro Control combustion controller for consistently efficient combustion quality with low emissions (NOx class 6)
  • Automatic adaptation of burner operation to the type of gas used (E, LL), future-proof thanks to hydrogen admixture of up to 20%.
  • Large water content for long burner runtimes and economical energy consumption
  • Integrated Vitotronic control unit for user-friendly operation directly on the appliance or via Vitocom (accessory) from any location using the ViCare app
  • Small dimensions and integrated castors for easy handling
Output range
80 – 318 kW, as a twin boiler up to 636 kW
Modulation range
down to 1:5

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