Innovative heating system

To us, an intelligent heating system should be simple. Components that talk to each other and that make operation and simplify commissioning for builders/building owners and heating contractors alike.

For us, intelligent means ...





Using the new Viessmann electronic platform, you can easily create an intelligent system consisting of a heat pump, ventilation, photovoltaic system, power storage unit, and any heat generators present with just one app.

PartnerPortal – central gateway to the Viessmann world

Whether for planning, installation, or operation: Our new PartnerPortal offers all the important features from information and services to the current order status and the early detection of system malfunctions – also via smartphone.

Viessmann digital solutions have made our life quite a bit easier. Regardless of whether it's a system replacement or a new installation.
Danilo Pochert Project manager
The PartnerPortal ensures connectivity

Interview: PartnerPortal

In this interview, Thomas Heim, executive board member and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, introduces the new PartnerPortal. Watch now!

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Vitoguide starts with planning

Practical: System data entered once is automatically available for every application and does not require multiple entries. Configured systems are automatically transferred from the system assistant to Vitoguide.

Straightforward commissioning on site

Commissioning has been simplified for the new generation of Viessmann appliances. Thanks to the integral WiFi, trade partners can use Vitoguide to commission the system via smartphone in just a few steps.

Digitalization has improved my workday by giving me the ability to work more independently.
Lars Hillebrand Customer service installer

Commissioning using the Vitoguide app

Thanks to its user friendly functions, trade partners can start using Vitoguide for commissioning right away. This easy to use digital tool guides them intuitively and securely through the process in just a few steps.

Monitoring and maintenance in a single tool: True added value

At the suggestion of all our trade partners, the new Vitoguide app now handles even more important functions: Commissioning, service, maintenance, monitoring, and guided troubleshooting and parts replacement. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

In the past, if you had a problem, you had to spend a lot of time on a hotline. Now, you can actually generate a system-specific callback.
Sandra Grafe and Anne Griesche Owners/management

Interview: Vitoguide

In this interview, Dr. Markus Klausner, CTO of Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, talks about the new Vitoguide digital service.

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ViCare – perfect convenience and complete control

A smartphone with the ViCare app is the intelligent control center for the entire energy system. Users can see all of the components of their system at a glance and get information on current energy flows at any time.

ViCare – with Viessmann energy management inside

Viessmann energy management will be a component of ViCare from now on. It joins all interconnected appliances such as heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and power storage units together. This makes it possible to control multiple components in the home in a way that conserves resources and is energy efficient.

When the products are talking to each other, there's not much more we need to say

It is clear that the new Viessmann electronic platform is an important step toward the future. All the products communicate with each other, operation and commissioning become much easier, and smart energy management plays an essential part in sustainable heating operation.

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