Technology of the future: Condensing boiler for liquid fuels

Viessmann's new Vitoladens 300-C condensing boiler is already prepared for the future: It is "Future Fuels Ready" and can be operated with low greenhouse gas liquid energy sources. And that, with its Efficiency Class A rating, gives it an excellent CO₂ footprint.

New design meets new storage concept

The new Vitoladens 300-C has a modern, high quality design. Customers have two colors to choose from: Vitopearlwhite or Vitographite. Installing a DHW tank below the appliance with capacities of 130, 160, or 200 liters makes the system even more compact.

Room air independent operation without ventilation air aperture means greater flexibility in siting the appliance and easier installation. The Vitoladens 300-C is specially approved for this. The optimized, easy-clean condensate drain pipe increases operational reliability.

New casing concept for easier installation and maintenance

Separate boiler and casing units now make handling easier, avoid contamination and damage to the high quality design panels and contribute considerably to reducing noise emissions.

This is how you make condensing technology futureproof

Viessmann Vitosol solar collectors or the Vitocal 262-A hot water heat pump are exceptionally well-suited to provide sustainable backup for heating and domestic hot water.

Heat pipe with ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown

Vitosol 200-TM vacuum tube collectors are equipped with a self-regulating heat pipe: When the temperature limit of around 120 degrees Celsius is reached, the medium is no longer able to condense. This interrupts the heat transfer, protecting the system against excessively high stagnation temperatures.

Liquid fuel concepts that are futureproof

Anyone who wants to continue heating with oil should consider combining a condensing boiler with a solar thermal system or a domestic hot water heat pump. This kind of system not only spares the environment, it also saves considerably on heating costs.

Futureproof, thanks to a broader spectrum of fuels

The tried and true oil condensing boiler has now been redesigned to operate with liquid low-CO2 fuels. Instead of fossil fuel-based heating oil, these include Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Power-to-Liquid (PTL), and greater proportions of biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester -FAME). That's how this futureproof premium product is making an important contribution to environmental protection.

Benefits at a glance

  • Attractive design casing with choice of two colors: Vitopearlwhite or Vitographite 
  • Easy handling thanks to separate design panels
  • User friendly operation and services via ViCare and Vitoguide App
  • Safe and low-maintenance operation thanks to self-sealing siphon trap with dirt separator and smooth condensate hoses to avoid deposits
  • All serviceable components are conveniently accessible from the front
  • Extra low noise production
  • Minimal odor formation thanks to integrated oil filter
  • CO₂ reduction with 2000 liters heating oil consumption per year: FAME (20 %) up to one ton of CO₂/year, PTL (100 percent) up to 5.8 tons CO₂/year
All commercially available low sulfur EL fuel oils can be used
Output range
10.3 – 28.9 kW
Maximum percentages of renewable liquid fuels
FAME: Max. 20 percent according to DIN SPEC 51603-6, paraffinic fuels (e.g., HVO, PTL, BTL): up to 100 percent according to DIN TS 51603-8 and DIN 51603-1
Energy efficiency category
Market availability

DHW tank – perfection down to the last detail

The new Vitocell DHW tanks stand out for their special features, implemented based on suggestions for improvement from our trade partners: Even large DHW tanks with capacities of up to 300 liters can now be easily installed by a single person.

 Benefits at a glance

  • New transport packaging with rounded base ring makes handling and siting easier while at the same time providing protection from damage.
  • Tool-free installation of up to three sensors, thermometers, or temperature controllers 
  • The usual sensor wells have been replaced by a patent-pending clamping device, ensuring temperature capture to the exact degree
  • Attractive design in Vitopearlwhite with flat top and high quality edge profiles – beautifully attuned to the new series of gas condensing boilers and heat pumps
Tank capacity
46 – 2000 l

High efficiency solar collectors with ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown 

This high efficiency solar collector is the ideal addition for central heating backup and domestic hot water heating: With this system, you can save approx. 60 percent of the energy required for your day to day DHW heating. Thanks to ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown, overheating is reliably prevented if outside temperatures are high or heat transfer is low. This ensures high operational reliability and a long service life. 

Benefits at a glance

  • High performance flat collector consisting of serpentine, selectively coated absorbers, highly transparent special glass cover and highly effective thermal insulation for especially high energy efficiency – suitable for everything from rooftop, flat roof, in-roof, or façade installation – horizontal or vertical installation (Vitosol 200-FM)
  • Vacuum tube collector based on the heat pipe principle for horizontal flat roof installation in large systems and on multi-family houses – absorber can be rotated by 45 degrees for optimal alignment with the path of the sun with no increased shading (Vitosol 200-TM)
Absorber area
2.32 m2 (Vitosol 200-FM) 1.63/3.26 m2 (Vitosol 200-TM)

DHW heat pump for inexpensive, energy efficient DHW heating

The DHW heat pump makes the ideal addition to an existing heating system by taking over the job of heating water in a cost effective and energy saving manner. Vitocal 262-A has been optimally designed for use in bakeries, laundry facilities, server rooms, or other spaces where large amounts of heat regularly accumulate.

Benefits at a glance

  • Compact dimensions save space 
  • Preset control unit and intuitive and simple operation
  • For outdoor, recirculation or extract air mode
  • Dehumidification of rooms in existing buildings (in recirculation air mode)
  • High DHW convenience with hygienically perfect DHW temperature of up to 70°C
  • Rapid heating function with type T2E-ze immersion heater (1.5 kW) 
  • Intelligent hybrid control for economically or ecologically optimized operation (type T2H-ze)
  • Silent mode for low sound emissions
  • Low running costs thanks to highly efficient refrigerant circuit
  • For the use of photovoltaic power generated on site
COP (Coefficient of Performance) *
Types T2E-ze and T2H-ze: 4.02, type T2W: 3.2 (with 300 liter tank)
Energy efficiency category **
A+ (type T2W-ze), A++ (types T2E-ze and T2H-ze)
HFO refrigerant
* according to EN 16147:2017 at A20/W10-53
** Energy efficiency class according to EU regulation

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