Warmup from 03/17/2021

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Thomas Heim, CSO and CMO of Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, reviews the past year. He talks about the force with which the Corona pandemic shook the market and the industry worldwide. And the principles to which the Viessmann family has committed itself, even in these difficult times: Only through the cohesion of the industry and the constant dialogue with you, our partners, were we able to successfully get through this difficult year - thank you very much at this point for your support!

Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH, talks about how the crisis was mastered particularly well, especially in Germany, and how Viessmann was able to remain able to deliver throughout despite the lockdown - also thanks to the correct decision by the German government to classify the trade as systemically important. The strength with which the German trades have mastered the crisis deserves the greatest respect!

The new format was born out of the idea of maintaining proximity to you despite the crisis. It became clear early on that ISH 2021 would not take place in its usual form and with a physical presence.

The format includes two areas: Starting on Monday morning, 03/22/2021, we will broadcast a week's worth of programmes there on our new products and have also prepared many other highlights such as interactive workshops and specialist presentations. A total of 280 exciting and varied events are planned. You can find an overview of our most interesting programme items in our news on program highlights. There is also our website, where you can find lots of information about our new products and other special events, both permanently and after the event.

Laura Hümbs, Head of Global Digital Marketing, developed the platform together with her team and explains the most important functions of the website.

Max Viessmann will also take the opportunity to say a personal word of welcome: It has always been part of the DNA of the Viessmann family to see an opportunity in every challenge. Together with you, he would like to continue to shape the future and take joint responsibility for our living spaces: "Co-create climate for life" - this motto will run through the entire event week.

Visit us on - during the event week and afterwards. Get involved, discuss with us and let us be live and close to each other even in times of crisis!

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