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The existing service apps from Viessmann – ViStart and the Service Wizard – have been brought together in a single application together with the Vitoguide services.

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Viessmann has gone through your feedback thoroughly. In a sea of digital applications, many partners had trouble distinguishing between them and were unclear about which app was most effective for which service. We took this to heart and decided to combine the two ViStart and Service Wizard applications in a single application together with the Vitoguide desktop solution. But this doesn’t mean that you now have to do without any of the services available in the old apps. All your favorite features and functions can still be found in the new Vitoguide.

The biggest difference is first that the ViStart app has been renamed “Vitoguide” and the app icon on the screen has changed to reflect this. But you can still commission your heating system as you did before in ViStart. The app now also contains all the features and functions that were previously available only with the Vitoguide desktop solution. This means that you can now access all these highly practical features and functions from your cellphone or tablet when you’re out and about or, as before, on your PC from the comfort of your office.

The features available with our Service Wizard have also been integrated in the new Vitoguide app. So depending on what you’re doing, you can use the Vitoguide app to call up the Service Wizard when you’re on the customer’s premises. The benefits are clear. You no longer have to take an extra laptop with you when visiting your customers and can instead use the Service Wizard on your smartphone or tablet when installing spare parts.
But what do you need to do before you can start using the new app? Do you have to re-register or log in again? Does the new app need to be downloaded? The answer is simple: no. If you already use ViStart on your smartphone, you’ll receive an automatic update just like you do with other apps. Your smartphone will work in the background to ensure that you receive all the latest changes and new functions. The app can also be used with the cross-platform login details for your Viessmann account. This means that your user name and password stay the same whatever device you’re using, so you can instantly start using the new services.

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