Vitocrossal CIB: The compact package

Viessmann Vitocrossal condensing gas boilers are at their most effective when heating systems are subject to low prevailing temperatures. Because of that, and thanks to their manageable size, they are suitable for new builds or for upgrading heating systems.

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People at the company like to refer to it as "the compact package." Development focused in particular on ensuring that the product met all the necessary standards despite measuring just 750 millimeters. "If things get tough, you can even break the equipment down into separate parts," as Olaf Stoppok explained in an interview. The boiler is available as a single unit or as components with a rated heat output of 80 to 318 kilowatts. As a double boiler, it will reach 636 kilowatts. The complete unit comes pre-wired and pre-assembled. Without thermal insulation, the boiler has an installation width of just 680 millimeters. 

Its compact size means that the Vitocrossal CIB can be easily installed by a single person and will fit into even very tight spaces. It also comes with a ramp for the Euro pallet. This means that the condensing boiler can be transported to its connection point easily and without any complicated tools or need for assistance. It is controlled via the trusty Vitotronic menu and plain-text display. This makes it more efficient for installers. Installation is quicker and customers do not have to wait long to enjoy the resulting heat. In addition, the stainless-steel heat exchanger heat allows an efficiency rate of up to 98 percent. Thanks to its smooth surfaces, the boiler cleans itself and is highly durable. This cuts down on maintenance. The large water capacity and wide thermal walls ensure good regulation. They also ensure that heat is transferred reliably.

Alternatives to fossil fuels are a hot topic in the heating industry. With hydrogen, Vitocrossal is making a contribution to decarbonization and to cutting emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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