Vitoair FS: intelligent ventilation

Viessmann brings a breath of fresh air to the world of ventilation units. With Vitoair FS, a new generation of ventilation units is underway. Vitoair FS is the slimmest ventilation unit of its kind and the first to offer compatibility with the new Viessmann electronic platform.

Julian Blumberg (Product Line Manager at Viessmann) presents the new Vitoair FS ventilation system.

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You can see at first glance that the unit is very slim – which makes you wonder if the system is only designed for multi-story apartments. In fact, the Vitoair is actually the ideal unit for detached houses. We have combined the compactness of a slimline unit that has an installed height of 245 mm with the functions of one with an air flow rate of 300 cubic meters. Our focus in development was quite clearly on compactness and efficiency.

Two enthalpy heat exchangers are connected in the unit – alongside classic heat recovery, moisture recovery has also been integrated. There are no complex condensate lines to be installed in the heat exchangers, making it much more flexible. Installation is faster and the unit doesn't just have to be fitted in the ceiling – it can also be mounted on the wall or installed in the attic at an angle.

Renaming the current generation of Vitovent to Vitoair is not intended to cause confusion, especially as there are pragmatic reasons for doing so: Vitoair primarily represents all future appliance generations that are to be found on the new Viessmann electronic platform and that are compatible with our new heat pumps. At the same time, they can also be connected directly to the internet without a heat pump. Moreover, we also want to acknowledge the new Viessmann electronic platform – which is why every ventilation unit that is compatible with it will be called Vitoair from now on.

The new unit does not have a display screen or remote control, yet still has plenty of control options. For example, customers can control the unit entirely using Viessmann apps. All functions relevant to the ventilation unit can be directly activated via ViCare. In addition, it is possible to control the functions via the connected heat pump.
Customers who opt for a new ventilation unit without remote control today still have the option to retrofit a wireless-based remote control later on.

Vitoair FS is now integrated in the Vitoguide app and the Service Assistant. There is no longer any need to program a small display screen; settings can be made easily and conveniently with the aid of a laptop or iPad. All completely intuitively!

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