From the basement up to your living space: the ViCare single-room controller

Innovations for your living space: The ViCare Smart Climate solutions support single-room control and ensure just the right temperature throughout your entire living space. They also help to significantly cut your energy costs. The system components (single-room controller for underfloor heating and/or radiators) can be combined in any way you like. A special app allows you to control the system remotely.

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The ViCare single-room controller allows you to control the room temperature efficiently and conveniently with an app – with or without a direct connection to a Viessmann heating system. This means that the ViCare app can also be used for single-room control in a rented apartment. ViCare integrates the room and its temperature in the heating system controller, allowing smart connectivity from the basement boiler room right up into your living space. When the product was developed, special attention was paid to the specific needs of our end customers and partners.

The best way to enjoy ViCare is in combination with a Viessmann heating system because this simplifies hydraulic coordination between the different components. The switching times and temperatures from the different rooms are collected and forwarded to the controller, significantly optimizing heating regulation and making the whole process much more efficient. The solution is available for radiators and underfloor heating systems. The system uses climate sensors that record humidity and temperature and optimizes the climate on the basis of the measured values. Linking the system to the heating appliance allows you to seamlessly and efficiently integrate switching times and your preferred temperatures.

In addition to the highly practical app-based operation, other advantages of ViCare include expert partner integration and a range of state subsidy options for partners and end customers.

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