The new PartnerPortal. One for all!

What’s the quickest and easiest way for me to find out all the latest news from Viessmann? What’s the quickest and easiest way for me to find all the most important product information?
It’s now easier than ever to explore Viessmann’s digital offering because our current information platform for market partners has been revamped and now boasts an even more user-friendly experience. You can now enjoy instant access to all our services in one place.

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The Viessmann PartnerPortal has been revamped so that it better meets the day-to-day needs of our expert partners. It is much more clearly structured and also includes an at-a-glance overview of all the latest digital applications. The portal is like a folder in which you can quickly and easily find all the information and documents you need. You can launch and try out applications and services directly from the overview. This provides you with a comprehensive picture of everything and makes it easier for you to conduct searches. In the video, Ylianna talks about the different sections of the PartnerPortal. 

“The first thing our expert partners want to do is get informed. All our products and news can be found here. Our partners then want to be able to acquire and advise end customers.” Information about planning and buying heating systems can be found in various other areas, where a range of planning tools and the store can be found. The next step is to install the heating system and provide the relevant service. This category contains all the relevant service tools and digital assistants. To top everything off, there is also a “Training” category. Whatever area you’re in, you can also find details on how to get in touch with our technical service and sales teams.

It couldn’t be easier to access the new PartnerPortal. All you need is the new central Viessmann account, which can already be used for V+, Vitoguide and the Viessmann learning platform, for instance. This account gives you access to all our digital services. Thanks to our new PartnerPortal, it’s now easier than ever to explore Viessmann’s digital offering, with everything at a glance – at the click of a mouse. You can access and explore Viessmann’s entire digital offering all in one place.

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