Hydrogen: the technical challenges

Viessmann is a pioneer in the development and testing of hydrogen technology. We offer a comprehensive product range encompassing everything from conventional gas installations and combined heat and power generation through to fuel cells.

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Hydrogen technology is becoming increasingly widespread and plays a key role in achieving our climate goals. The other main alternatives include the use of heat pumps – and, in turn, the electrification of buildings – and renewable gases. The most important thing is to ensure that the electricity used in the production of hydrogen comes from renewable sources. Electrolysis – the process by which hydrogen is produced – requires electricity. In the best-case scenario, this electricity would come from renewable sources such as wind turbines. Ideally, the gases produced during the process would then be stored for several months in the gas distribution network.

Viessmann started exploring the potential of hydrogen technology early on, which is why we are working on the development of hydrogen solutions for all our products. We have conducted extensive testing on our gas installations, for example, and made the necessary technological modifications enabling our gas installations to burn between 20 % and 30 % hydrogen. In parallel with this, we are working hard to develop hydrogen solutions for other product groups. In the future, our fuel cell heating systems will also be capable of supplying heat with a special gas–hydrogen mix. We are also working on solutions for other combined heat and power generation systems.

The use of hydrogen in the heating sector is vital if we want to achieve our climate goals. Viessmann is equipping itself for the future right now with 100 % renewable gases!

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