Vitoguide service app. What are the advantages?

Viessmann's well-known service apps - ViStart and the Service Assistant - have been combined with the Vitoguide services in just one application. Dr. Markus Klausner, CTO at Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, explains in an interview what advantages the new app offers users.

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"We have the ViStart for commissioning our appliances, the Service Assistant for maintenance and replacement parts, and the Vitoguide for remote monitoring of the systems. With the new Vitoguide service app, we have integrated all these applications into one app." 

We have taken a close look at your feedback and drawn the right conclusions from it. For many partners, it was not clear how to differentiate between the many digital applications - i.e. which app is best used for which service. We took this to heart and combined the two well-known applications ViStart and the service assistant together with the PC offer Vitoguide into one application.

One of the biggest changes is initially that your ViStart app has been renamed Vitoguide and the app icon on the screen has also changed accordingly. However, you can still commission the heating system in the same way as with ViStart. In addition, the app contains all the functions that could previously only be used via a computer using Vitoguide. This means that the helpful functions can now be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet as well as from the office on a PC.

The functions of our service assistant have also been included in the new Vitoguide app: Depending on the application, it is now possible to use the service assistant via Vitoguide directly on site at the system. The advantage is obvious: from now on, you no longer need to take an additional laptop with you to the customer, but can simply and conveniently use the service assistant via smartphone or tablet to carry out the replacement part exchange.

So what do you have to do if you want to use the new app? Is a new registration or login necessary? Does the app have to be downloaded? The answer: No. If you already use ViStart on your smartphone, you will receive an automatic update. In addition, the app can be used with the uniform login of your Viessmann account. 

"With the new Vitoguide service app, we are giving our partners a tool that makes it possible to control all essential activities, from commissioning and operation to maintenance and service, via an app."

Dr Markus Klausner, CTO at Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, discusses the new service app in this interview.


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