What are the benefits of the new PartnerPortal?

How can I get information quickly and easily about all Viessmann's new developments? How can I find important information about the products easily?
The new PartnerPortal makes it much easier to enter the digital world of Viessmann. Board Member Thomas Heim presents the new platform.

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Providing customers with expert advice, keeping an eye on the current status of orders, detecting system faults in good time and always staying up to date. No longer a problem with the newly designed PartnerPortal. All the key information can be found at a glance on a clearly structured start page. "The Viessmann PartnerPortal serves as the main point of contact for all our trade partners; it is our central B2B ecosystem in which we collate and present the value added services and functionalities relevant to our trade partners." The Portal is like a folder where information and documents can be found quickly and easily. Applications and services can be started and tried out directly from the overview. This creates a comprehensive overview and facilitates the search.

Access to the new PartnerPortal couldn't be simpler: the PartnerPortal can be used with the new, central Viessmann account. Partners will already be familiar with this from Vitoguide or the Viessmann learning platform, for example. This login grants access to all digital services. "An important element of the PartnerPortal is, of course, the range of seminars offered by the Viessmann Academy – there is a wide range of digital offerings to be found here, which is enormously important, especially at the present time."

Our new PartnerPortal is the easy way to enter the digital world of Viessmann: everything at a glance – just a click away. Viessmann's entire service offering is searchable and accessible in one central location. In the interview with Board Member Thomas Heim, you can find out even more about the new PartnerPortal!

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