Holistic energy management for the supply of heat and power

By measuring energy flows and energy consumption, and then making this data transparent, we are able to make a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions through these energy savings. Thomas Heim talks about the innovative leap Viessmann has taken with the new energy management system.

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"Only when we are able to actually measure energy flows can we make them transparent and ultimately start saving energy. Via these energy savings, we can make a positive contribution to reducing our carbon footprint." With the energy management system, users can keep an eye on their energy consumption and optimize it at the same time. It's all about managing the consumption of different energy sources: making optimum use of electricity from the PV system for the heat pump, and charging the power storage unit accordingly so that enough electrical energy is available even without the power of the sun.

At the same time, the system has to be as simple to operate as possible for the end customer. The energy management system is therefore located on the appliances themselves – an additional box is no longer necessary. This solution can be linked to a smartphone or tablet. This allows customers to keep an eye on their energy flows even while out and about, and readjust them if necessary.

"The energy management system can be described as an innovative leap for Viessmann. The Viessmann energy management system really does bring a lot of benefits to our trade partners, for example in simplified installation, uncomplicated commissioning, and system compatibility. In the future, the end customer will be able to visualize, measure, and control their energy flows and consumption via the ViCare app."

The goal must be to ensure an increase in energy efficiency as well as the future viability of the heating solutions – the system can help to make the optimum responses to dynamic energy markets with variable electricity tariffs. In addition, the system makes recommendations relating to consumption – allowing costs to be reduced based on various factors such as weather data, energy consumption, and energy prices. This builds a bridge to current topics such as hybrid heating solutions, increased independence, and support for local energy communities. Discover even more about the innovative energy management system in an interview with Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Thomas Heim.

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